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What will eCommerce and the courier service industry look like in 2022?

Dec 22, 2021

The last two years expedited digitalization for several Filipino establishments. With the sudden need for contactless services, companies had to minimize in-house operations and opt for remote work setting. Small, home-based businesses found their footing on social media platforms as everything else went digital. There was no surprise, then, when the popularity of eCommerce skyrocketed.

According to Shopify, over 2 billion people shopped online in 2020. Global eCommerce sales doubled. This new era in retail ushered in a redefined image of a delivery rider, who has been lauded as a frontliner in the face of the pandemic.

Now that we’re entering a post-pandemic phase and things are finally shifting to the ‘new normal’, will eCommerce trends stay relevant? Will the courier service industry plummet as people head back to the outdoors? In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions—but first, let’s try to understand what made eCommerce such a hit to begin with.

Why did online selling even become hugely popular?


The one thing that businesses focused on amid the pandemic was marketing convenience. At a time when more people are seeing the truth in age-old sayings like “health is wealth” and “time is gold”, we offered an alternative that showed just how much time and energy they can save. Instead, delivery service providers became the legs and arms of the majority of the nation, doing the errands we’re restricted from doing in the name of safety.

This has been a key element in the boom of eCommerce trends in the country and the rest of the world. Similarly to how other technological advancements are often welcomed, the promise of convenient living is enough for people to make the switch.

Not only that, but thanks to eCommerce platforms, smaller businesses got an equal shot to market their products beyond their typical geographical location. While Covid-19 affected a large majority of businesses and brick-and-mortar establishments all over the world, those who pulled through—and even thrived—were the ones who braved the uncertain step of taking their businesses online.

Marketing isn’t the only one that does the trick, however. A huge element of a customer’s delivery experience relies on the final step of the order fulfillment. A trusted courier service has been a crucial part of the formula for a resilient business model during the pandemic, with several businesses having experienced exponential growth thanks to eCommerce courier services.

eCommerce has just begun


Depending on how old you are, you may remember the time when we needed a scratch card and a dial up connection to access the internet. Now, all we need is a smartphone and a sim no bigger than the tips of our fingers. Technology will only keep getting better—and the same can be said about eCommerce in 2022.

Even the United Nations is weighing in on the issue, and the consensus is that the eCommerce trend will likely continue even after the pandemic, with global eCommerce revenue expected to grow to USD 3,453.3 billion by 2024.

With up-and-coming eCommerce trends like virtual reality and augmented reality, there will come a future where you can try out clothes and cosmetic products before your actual purchase without even leaving home.

Prepare your business for the future


If the numbers aren’t enough to wow you, then here’s the lowdown: eCommerce is not going anywhere soon. Now is the best time to invest in online selling—even experts think so!

But it’s not enough to just sell online. You have to make sure your customers are satisfied from the moment they check out, to the moment their orders arrive. It can get tricky, but with the right eCommerce courier service by your side, you can fulfill as many orders as your stocks would allow.


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