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Expand Your eCommerce Business with an International Courier Service

Dec 22, 2021

For business owners in the Philippines, expanding their services to cater to a market overseas may seem like a daunting idea. However, thanks to the rise of eCommerce, there are now many efficient and cost-effective ways to make it not only possible, but also a smart business move.

Recent statistics show that a projected 2.1 billion people all over the world will most likely shop online for their goods and services. Asia alone has made USD 831.7 billion from global eCommerce sales. By incorporating an international courier service to your business roadmap, you are opening your business to growth that a limited domestic scope may never offer.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits that await should you decide to venture into international shipping to ring in the new year. Also, learn the qualities to consider when selecting the best international courier to work with.

You get to have a larger customer base


The beauty of eCommerce is that sellers are able to reach potential buyers you typically wouldn’t get to market through the conventional, face-to-face setup. With the right online tools, we can now move and advertise our products and services anywhere in the world without having to travel or even leave the comforts of home.

If you’re already fostering some good relationships with customers on a local scale, just imagine how much untapped potential markets are outside the Philippines. Once that takes off, all you need is a trusted courier service partner to iron out the details of the logistics while you focus on other aspects of the business such as marketing and scale.

You can expect sales to increase—and your business to grow


It should be expected that globally expanding your business will require you to shell out a little more than you usually would with domestic shipments. Rather than seeing this as a loss, take it as an investment for expanding your horizons. By accommodating orders from other countries, these new, international markets should lead to an increase in your sales, especially with the right shipping partner working alongside your production team.

This could also be an opportunity to also expand your range. Catering to markets in other countries would entail having to make alterations to your products to better suit their needs, culture, and other country-based specifications.

Sell all year-round, no matter how niched your products are


This is especially helpful for businesses who sell niched or seasonal items like swim and resort wear, or exotic food and liquor with ingredients that can only be sourced in the Philippines. Deriving from the famous saying that goes “It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere,” there will always be people who might take interest in your product.

Expand your customer pool worldwide and ensure effective marketing strategies, and you should never be out of sale again. Sales should come all year-round, and you can likely avoid having to drop prices and put items on sale for the entirety of the time that they are off-season.

Of course, there are also currency exchanges. Going global and using the constant fluctuation of exchange rates to your advantage can allow you to boost what would have been only seasonal sales. Bring in profit by marketing to areas with high-value currencies.

Ready to go global? Get yourself the best courier service partner


All this, of course, is not without risk. Delivery experience is crucial to retaining customers. Regardless of whether your customer is based within the country or overseas, you should still be able to oversee the order fulfillment.

For instances when you cannot physically monitor the progress of a delivery, opt for a courier partner that can guarantee excellent service. Make sure to have a partner that offers tracking options for overseas deliveries, as well as warranties for any potential damages.


MyKartero offers international courier services which will certainly boost your business performance. We provide tracking and tracing services for your packages, both domestically and internationally shipped. Through our easy-to-use online platform, our team also gives efficient customer support 24/7, with a simplified costing and process to aid your experience. MyKartero ships to 192 countries and has 216 delivery posts worldwide, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Book your first shipment with us.

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