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How a Trusted Courier Service Partner Can Help Your Business in 2022

Dec 22, 2021

Resilience has become a sort of buzzword throughout the pandemic, and it no longer pertains simply to the individual. For one, part of the ‘new normal’ adjustments involve companies developing resilient business models—that is, foolproof and improved in time for 2022.

One of the few industries that truly came through amid the pandemic was in delivery service. Needless to say, the pandemic showed just how important courier services are in trade, especially with the unprecedented boom of eCommerce.

In this article, we’ll discuss how enlisting the help of a courier service partner can make your business more resilient and accessible. With a business shipping partner like MyKartero, you can weather potential crises, thanks to the following factors:

1. Products are guaranteed to be delivered safely and without any hassle


The quality of the products are the bread and butter of any retail business, big or small. However, a bad business shipping process can compromise this, no matter how well-made and packaged your item may be. This is what makes order fulfillment so crucial: Once the products leave your shop, you are fully entrusting it to the shipping partner. You essentially lose control over how it is handled, especially for overseas orders.

Most customers likely never purchase from a business again if they encounter a bad shipping experience. The best thing to do to avoid these circumstances is to find a reliable courier service partner that offers insurance, secured delivery, and tracking options for you to monitor the movement of your parcel. This would also mean that senders will receive appropriate compensation in the event that a package gets damaged or lost.

MyKartero offers secured local and international delivery. Packages get the same level of attention and care, regardless of their size and weight—whether you’re sending a ten-page document or a 25-kilo flat screen TV, you can count on us to deliver both items and results.

Our track-and-trace feature, in partnership with 17Track, also allows business owners to track multiple shipments at once, giving you the peace of mind and the time to attend to other business operations.

2. Our simplified costing and process will play to your advantage


Partnering up with a courier service isn’t just about product safety. It should also be about practicality: A simple and cost-effective strategy is the best way to go, especially in delivery service. Without a foolproof plan, you risk spending more money on top of slower investment returns.

With the right courier service partner, your merchandise should reach a wider audience within the country and around the globe. MyKartero can serve as your hassle-free postal gateway that promises a 24-hour processing turnaround time for each shipment. We have multiple shipment options you can choose from, depending on how soon you’d like your package to be delivered—all producing good results without costing a lot of money.

3. Find ease in navigating our online platform


Technology has its obvious pros and cons, and not everyone is well-versed with using online tools. We completely understand this, and in order to cater to a wider market bracket, we’ve made sure that our platform is easy to use and understand.

If you pick a courier service partner with efficient online management tools, you’re also allowing more people, regardless of their level of technological prowess, to access your shipping partner’s and your own services. Help your customers cut trips to the post office and drop centers by introducing them to a new, efficient system of picked-up parcels and packages. They’ll surely thank you for that, hopefully with another order.

Grow your business with a trusted shipping partner


MyKartero guarantees an efficient delivery service, high quality parcel packaging technology, and seamless transactions that will earn yourself five stars.

Start the year by choosing a courier service partner that will help you thrive in 2022. Book your first delivery with us today.

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