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Tips On Sending Packages Abroad During The Holiday Season

Oct 28, 2021

Due to the worldwide travel restrictions brought about by the 2020 pandemic, traveling to see your loved ones abroad has now become more difficult than ever, as well as for the overseas Filipino workers who plan to return home to the Philippines to reunite with their loved ones for the holidays. That does not mean we cannot show our love and appreciation to our parents, siblings, and relatives from miles away. It’s still possible to keep those Holiday traditions strong and intact, even if we have to do it a little differently.

For most families, video calls make for great temporary replacements for face-to-face family reunions. But this Holiday season, you can opt for something extra special by sending your family and friends abroad some gifts and care packages that will give them a feeling of home. Something as simple as their favorite Filipino snacks and canned goods can turn a Christmas of solitude and longing into a sweet and sentimental trip to memory lane.

If you’ve been looking to do this, do it as soon as possible to make room for unforeseen delays in the shipping process, which is quite common in the months leading up to the Holidays. In this article, we will provide tips on sending packages abroad, making sure your parcels and packages will reach those you love successfully anywhere in the world, and how to find an international courier service that can make this happen with no hassle.

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Package your packages properly and securely


Most of us will know how bad it feels to send or receive a package that’s been damaged or even worse, lost in transit. Packing the packages securely before sending them to your shipping partner can help avoid mishaps. This is even more true for packages you will be shipping overseas, as these packages require a lot more handling than those sent locally. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the correct packaging materials that match your items. For instance, choose cardboard over paper envelopes for documents, photos, or cards, as paper is more prone to ripping.
  • Use bubble wrap for food items, even if they aren’t made of fragile materials like glass. It will help keep them intact, especially for those that could easily be crushed like chips and crackers, spill like liquids, or melt like chocolates.
  • Choose a box that fits the contents of your package snuggly and securely. Overstuffing the box can lead to ripping, while boxes that are too big for its contents can suffer damages due to improper handling

Find the best international courier service


Instead of going back and forth checking on the ever-changing restrictions and deadlines for the country you wish to send a package to, just hire a courier who can handle the entire process. This works as all you have to do is purchase your gifts and wrap them securely, and leave them to work their magic. Time is our most valuable asset, after all, and there is no denying that the months leading up to the Holidays up until January can get quite busy.

MyKarterooffers door-to-door delivery to 192 countries with global shipping compliance across the globe for anything above 2-25 kilos, with faster shipping time. Mail utilizes optimal transport to the country of destination cutting 1-2 days from the estimated processing and transit time.

Make sure your parcel can be tracked anytime between shipment and delivery


If you have courier trust issues due to a bad shipping experience, you are not alone. However, having an international shipping partner who can inform you of your package’s whereabouts at any given time, including delays and changes in ETA in a hassle-free manner really helps build trust.

MyKartero offers both European and Asian Postal Partner track and trace capability for packages up to 2 kilos for a small fee. We keep an eye on your packages wherever they are, and we make sure you see where those packages are at any given time as well.


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