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Optimize Your Customer’s Delivery Experience with Order Tracking

Nov 23, 2021

Consumers’ shopping behaviors have changed dramatically in the last couple of years. The swift rise of eCommerce platforms proved just how easy it can be to purchase goods, indelibly affecting the norms of how we source and even experience shopping.

With it, of course, comes rehashed expectations that demand suppliers and sellers alike to implement procedural changes to keep up with the times. This is largely visible in how consumers are starting to seek more involvement in the nitty-gritty of delivery logistics, particularly through order tracking.

Is order tracking truly all that beneficial to your customer’s delivery experience? In this article, we help you weigh the pros, cons, and alternatives to make sure you’re up to speed.

What is order tracking?


This is when a courier service allows recipients access to track the whereabouts of your package. Depending on the type of tracking software a courier service implements, package recipients can either get a step-by-step update on their package with timestamps (usually found in international shipping); or they can see a real-time tracking of the package with a map that plots the locations of the pick-up point, the driver in transit, and the drop-off point location (which is standard for same-day deliveries by courier services within the Philippines). Both provide an estimated date of arrival.

While in-demand nowadays, order tracking is not applicable to all logistics services. For international shipping, senders would usually have a choice upon booking the service, with order tracking requiring an additional fee. Limited details will be provided for untracked packages, and the tracking footprint will typically be recorded only up until the package crosses another border.

Tracked vs. Untracked: Weighing in the options


Depending on your budget and business model, both logistic delivery options have their pros and cons.

Order tracking, for one, is a growing necessity for businesses, large or small, as more customers expect a delivery experience where they’re able to closely monitor their orders. Order tracking aids in building a sense of assurance that the package will arrive on time, and if delays ever arise, they’d receive real-time updates. Some delivery services even give recipients the contact information of the riders in charge of their packages.

Of course, this extra layer of customer service comes with extra fees, and not all sellers are financially capable of providing order tracking for free. What most sellers do is give consumers the prerogative to choose whether a package should be tracked or not, letting them shoulder extra costs should they select order tracking.

Untracked deliveries, as expected, are more cost-friendly because of their limited service. They are ideal for businesses selling products with a lower market price because then, the customer would not need to shell out higher costs for delivery.

The downside of untracked deliveries actually is the very lack of order tracking, as it does little in establishing customer assurance.

Should you start tracking orders?


If you have the capacity to do so, providing any level of order tracking is still the best way to go in order to optimize your customers’ delivery experience. With online shopping making it easy for everyone to buy products, customers are also expecting the same ease when receiving their goods. Granting them access to track the movement of their parcels gives them a worry-free experience, minimizing the possibility of problems arising from unwanted situations like misplaced or lost deliveries.

With a good delivery experience, you are a step closer to acquiring repeat customers. Given the oversaturated eCommerce market nowadays, this can be the defining factor to your success over your competitors.


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