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Forgot Your Valentine’s Gift? Get These Last-Minute Ideas Out For Delivery

Jan 25, 2022

Here’s an honest question. Have you ever experienced panic buying because you simply forgot to prepare a gift for a special occasion? Was there ever a time you felt cold sweats because you forgot to get Valentine’s delivery gifts for your special someone?

If you find yourself nodding right now, it’s fine. Sometimes, life just gets the best of us and we simply lose track of time. And while we definitely do not recommend cramming for presents for a special occasion such as the day of hearts, we’re here to give you a hand by giving you a list of the best Valentine’s delivery gifts you can place at the last minute. You’re welcome in advance!

Valentine’s Day Flowers


Can anything be more classic than a pretty bouquet as a gift? The upside of getting blooms for this occasion is that flower shops are usually prepared for the influx of orders (yes, even last-minute ones!), so it might not be hard for you to get one who can save you. Moreover, these shops usually offer their in-house Valentine’s delivery service so you don’t have to worry about anything else after placing your order.

Charcuterie and Grazing Boxes


Amp the romance a little bit more by sending your significant other the ever-so-popular charcuterie boards that are all over social feeds. What makes these gifts special is that they are the perfect treat if you’re planning a long-distance online date with your significant other because they usually already come complete with sweet treats, cold cuts, and wine. The best places to browse for them are on Instagram and Facebook.

Subscription Packages


Add a more personal feel to your Valentine’s gift with subscription packages that go beyond just the month of hearts. The advantage of these treats is that you can easily choose them according to the preference and taste of your loved one, whether it is a beauty box, a candle set, or just snacks. These packages are also sent regularly to them for a set amount of months.

Gift Vouchers


Can’t really find a last-minute shop to help you out? Online gift vouchers are your saving grace! Almost all shops offer them and you also don’t have to worry about booking for a Valentine’s Day delivery since the process is all digital. Convenient and simple!

Valentine’s Day Food Delivery


Why not be practical and just send your S.O. a whole feast to celebrate your love? Food delivery is perfect because of how accessible they are through third-party partners. Order the favorite food of your loved one and earn those extra kilig points!

Make This Valentine’s Your Best One Yet With MyKartero


The day of hearts is a big deal—especially for Filipinos—but remember that it will still be the thought that counts regardless of what your gift is. Need a little help with your Valentine’s delivery gifts? Try our services here at MyKartero and you will not be disappointed! Other than our easy-to-use platform and budget-friendly costing, we offer only quality service when it comes to handling and shipping your special packages.

Need help or a constant view of your gift? Our friendly customer support and one track-and-trace feature will make the experience so much effortless for you. Book your first delivery with us by heading to this link.

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