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Avoid Shipping Delays With These Smart Express Delivery Strategies

Jan 25, 2022

The dawn of eCommerce has shifted the way the market defines a quality customer experience. Without a doubt, one area that has been very much affected is the express delivery of goods. Especially with the whole shopping process turning digital nowadays, buyers now expect the same quick turnaround in terms of receiving their items.

While delivery services have existed for many years already, its traditional model—where a merchant places a delivery order which is then fulfilled by the third-party provider after several days—is slowly proving to be outdated in terms of meeting customer expectations. At present, express delivery is the name of the game, because the faster you get your goods to your customer’s doorstep, the happier they are.

But how exactly do you meet the expectations of your market when it comes to express delivery? Or rather, how can you kiss shipping delays goodbye? Read on for some helpful tips.

Streamline your internal processes


Delivery and fulfillment are two of the most important aspects of a business, but they are just parts of a whole. When it comes to eCommerce, everything is interconnected, which means that one part of your system will have a direct effect on the other. Having a strong internal process is all about creating a working ecosystem within the different groups within your business, from your client-facing channels down to your customer service.

In terms of express delivery, your production team should be in close contact with your logistics and fulfillment group who, in turn, should also work seamlessly with customer service. Having a well-oiled internal system will ensure that everything is fulfilled smoothly and that possible glitches and problems are easily spotted.

Use automated processes


This is especially applicable for larger businesses where every second is important. Automated processes can save a lot of valuable time, whether you apply it to your warehouse management or placement of delivery orders.

Are you a smaller business? You can still apply the concept of automation to your processes by coming up with your internal SOP. This can be as simple as having a delivery subscription Philippine provider who can automatically take care of your orders.

For example, at MyKartero, we offer monthly and annual subscriptions at a set price that gives you continued use of our services. This takes away the headache of constantly looking for an express delivery partner every time you need to fulfill a batch of orders.

Make your expectations clear ...


… and communicate them clearly, especially if you will be dealing with third-party vendors. Be clear about your requirements, the dates, and the needs of both you as a business and your customers.

The same principle goes if looking for a digital partner for your eCommerce business. In terms of delivery and logistics, for example, settle for one that has an easy-to-use system and active customer service that can easily assist you with your needs.

Get a fulfillment service


If you really want a seamless experience, the best option is to just get a fulfillment service that can monitor, manage, and take care of a process for you. Not only does it save you time since you are freeing yourself from some responsibilities, it also lowers your operating costs (if you find one with competitive rates), and opens you up for better scalability.

No more delivery delays when you choose MyKartero

Need an international and express delivery partner? Check out our services here in MyKartero. We’re launching a subscription service that our partners can enjoy. Get access to special features and services like additional shipping options, lower courier rates, and express merchandise, among many others.

Subscription service starts at ₱799.00 per month and can be canceled anytime. Experience our service by signing up for your first booking here.

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