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eCommerce Strategies To Help Your Business Ride The Valentine’s Day Rush

Jan 25, 2022

Here’s a fact: Filipinos love celebrations. When it comes to the most notable holidays of the year, there is no doubt that Valentine’s Day remains to be one of our favorite holidays. In fact, a survey by ecommerceIQ reports that 87.2 percent of consumers are planning to buy a gift to commemorate the occasion. Interestingly, 63.9 percent of the respondents also said that this purchase will be made online, which means that these Valentine’s gifts will most likely be fulfilled via a delivery service.

This is solid proof that the month of hearts is the perfect time to boost your sales. In this article, we talk about the number of ways your business can capitalize on the holiday using the right marketing strategies.

Show love across all your marketing selling channels


If you’re in eCommerce, it’s likely that you are running a couple of platforms—from your social channels to your actual website. Similar to any holiday, sending the message to your customers is a must, especially if you will be running a special sale. This can be done via a social post, an email marketing campaign, and a banner on your website. Moreover, this also requires concise planning, from the execution of your materials down to the timeline as to when you will launch them. Of course, you should also streamline the messaging approach for each platform depending on the market they serve. For example, your TikTok audience may not respond to the same promotional materials you use for Facebook or email.

Think of out-of-the-box ideas for your products


Valentine’s Day has a very specific goal, and that is for people to express their love towards their significant others. Regardless of the products you are selling, make sure to provide an angle that connects your brand to the occasion. For example, if you are selling skincare essentials, you can offer a special bouquet or box of your products instead of the usual Valentine’s Day flowers. This is also an amazing chance for you to bundle your products together and increase your average order value.

Run a special promo


This is already a given especially during special holidays, but don’t forget to be creative when doing so. Generally, discount percentages work the best, but you can also try other approaches such as selling e-vouchers that someone can easily send to their loved ones. Freebies are also a great idea, especially if you consider customers who want to get the best value for their money. Whatever your choice of promo is, one thing you should never forget is to.

Make sure you get a good provider for your Valentine’s gift delivery


Similar to Christmas, having a good delivery partner that can help with the movement of goods is a must—if not even more important—during Valentine’s Day. The key here is to have the mindset to always prepare for the worst. Sure, a portion of your market might place their orders in advance, but who here hasn’t really experienced making panic buys during the month of hearts? For this, offering fast and instant shipping can give you a leverage over your competitors.

Surviving a high-value holiday like Valentine’s Day is all about planning, proper choice of marketing strategies, and finally, execution and fulfillment. While all of these are as important as the next, you do have to make sure that your goods arrive at your customers well and good.


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