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5 Reasons To Choose MyKartero As Your International Shipping Partner

Jan 25, 2022

If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably find these figures interesting: Did you know that one satisfied customer tells nine friends on average about their positive experience, while one dissatisfied buyer shares the news to sixteen people?

Entrepreneurs would know for a fact that customer satisfaction is dependent on many things, but one business aspect that has a big impact on it is fulfillment, especially if you are dealing with international shipping.

In this article, we will talk about what makes a reliable courier service partner, and why you should choose MyKartero to do the job for you.

1. A good international shipping partner prioritizes customer service


Product delivery is a very sensitive part of a business model, especially in the case of international shipping. The room for errors and problems is bigger when you are moving your goods across borders because you have to consider permits, delivery times, and other requirements. A good international courier service, therefore, understands that to properly support businesses, they should have a solid customer support system that can provide instant help in case of troubleshooting needs. This is definitely something that MyKartero values, with our easy to reach shipping specialists that you can ping anytime via phone, email, or chat.

2. They make it easy for you as a business owner


As an entrepreneur, your international shipping partner’s main goal should be to make your job easier to manage. This can be done in many ways, like optimizing the website to make sure that they are user-friendly for everyone, to offering helpful features that can save you time such as subscription delivery packages or door-to-door pickups. No matter what approach it is, your fulfillment provider’s goal should be to make your operations easier by taking full responsibility for your other processes.

3. They provide transparency


Customer expectations are higher today than ever. Since international shipping is trickier and much more challenging than moving goods locally, one surefire way that you can increase customer satisfaction is by having a means that can help you monitor their item. Any good courier service partner should have a tracking system, but only the best ones—like us here at MyKartero—optimize this feature to ensure that they are very easy to use and manage. We fulfill this via our one track-and-trace website page which makes it easy for anyone booking our services to check the progress of their deliveries.

4. They offer competitive pricing


When it comes to businesses, options are everything. Your choice of international shipping partner should have flexible packages that can meet your needs and help scale your market needs. Take for example our post on-demand services. You can easily choose from our various packages which start for as low as ₱155.00. We even offer monthly and annual subscriptions starting at ₱895.00 a month that you can opt-in if you want continued access to our services. You can also enjoy special postage and courier rates when you book with us, giving you more savings from full tariffs and courier charges.

5. They help save you time


Any entrepreneur knows that time is the most valuable resource of all. At MyKartero, all of our services are designed to help you exactly have this. No time to drop by the post office or courier centers? We can prepare your documents and shipping labels right at the comfort of your home. Even more, you can get your tracking numbers as soon as you finish the booking process. It’s fast, simple, and uncomplicated.

Get all these and more at MyKartero

You’ll know that you have found the best international shipping provider if they meet all of these requirements. If you haven’t found the best match for you yet, we’ll be more than happy to help you out here at MyKartero! Go ahead, book your first delivery with us here to experience real quality service.

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