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Keep Customers Happy With Experienced Couriers And Crafty Packaging

Dec 22, 2021

While eCommerce is still at an all-time high, its swift rise has left the market oversaturated on a global scale. This means that several businesses in the online space currently sell similar, if not the same, products as you do, and more supply than demand is never good for anyone’s business. So what exactly can be the difference between you and those other shops? One word: strategy.

A survey by EY states that only 21 percent of the respondents said they will act forgivingly when faced with a bad purchase experience. The report shares that certain needs for clarity, assurance, accessibility, and convenience have intensified with the pandemic and will be expected from delivery service providers moving forward.

In this article, we will let you in on ways you can improve each customer’s entire journey from check out to delivery with the help of an experienced courier service partner. Some details can easily be overlooked, but they are crucial and hold a lot of weight in the success and longevity of your business.

Build trust and leave an excellent first impression


Trust is the secret ingredient that will keep a customer coming back to your shop. Building trust and a good reputation means making sound decisions and being sure that every aspect of the customer experience is on point, especially on their very first order from your shop. This means finding the right packaging that will ensure the item remains intact, getting all the orders right, and delivering it on your given ETA.

However, mistakes cannot always be avoided and nothing will go completely flawless. If anything wrong happens in the final steps of your order fulfillment, it is still your job to make sure your customers don’t leave you with a bad rating, at the very least. Offer replacement items, giving out free shipping vouchers or even discounts for their next purchase. In eCommerce, your customers’ testimonials can make or break your business.

Don’t be afraid to get creative


Sure, having an eye-catching design, a good social media marketing plan, and a well-developed website are all great and necessary, but it’s only half the battle. The other half takes place in the actual process of purchasing an item from your store, down to the order fulfillment sealed by an experienced courier partner.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your packaging by adding some details to enhance the customer experience. Maybe have a small print run of product catalogs, stickers, or business cards—or even leave handwritten thank you notes if you’re up for the task. Include freebies that are either branded or relevant to your shop (free product samples would work wonders) because who doesn’t love a free gift? The secret is they’d be more likely to remember your shop especially if your goodies are functional and ready for use.

Pick an experienced courier to help you through


This may be the most crucial step on this list, because it’s not all that easy to choose a courier service provider that’s worth partnering with long term. With so many choices, you may opt for the hard route and do trial-and-error with multiple service providers. That, or you can invest on good ol’ Google and their trusty social media pages to do a bit of research on your best options.

Make sure that the courier service caters to what your business needs specifically in terms of delivery. You will be working together to ensure the products come in time, and in one piece, so it’s best to go for one that offers tracking options for your deliveries. In the event that you decide to expand your business to an international market, then it’s a more practical choice to have your courier service partner also have the capacity to accommodate overseas shipping.


MyKartero is an experienced courier service offering high quality performance at affordable rates. Providing a seamless, worry-free eCommerce shopping experience is something we strictly stand for.

With our easy-to-follow booking instructions, efficient recordkeeping system, and our package tracking platform, we guarantee nothing but the best delivery experience for you and your customers. Book your first package with us today.

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