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Here’s Why Bad Delivery Experience Can Cost You Customers

Nov 23, 2021

Any discerning entrepreneur knows that having happy customers is the key to a successful business. While getting new customers is an important part of the business funnel, keeping your current ones satisfied and converting them into regular buyers is what can really keep your business sustainable.

There are many factors that can affect customer satisfaction, but there’s one that both new and experienced business owners fail to fulfill sometimes: a good delivery experience.

Why does delivery experience matter?


According to The Retail Expectation Gap research, logistics services and overall delivery experience have heavy impacts on customer retention. 62 percent say that having high delivery costs can make them reconsider a purchase, while 54 percent claim that they have no plans of trying a brand or service again due to wrong and missing items delivered. More than ever, entrepreneurs need to keep in step with customers’ demands by making sure they give the best delivery experience.

The million-dollar question, however, is how exactly can this be done?

Despite many factors affecting the overall quality of a delivery process, anyone can streamline it by getting a good provider for logistics services. Here’s why:

1. You keep your customers happy with proper scheduling and delivery


This goes beyond just pushing out items to deliver to your customers. You need to have a flawless scheduling system, starting from when you get your supply out of your production plant to when you will have them delivered or picked up from you by your partner courier. This is where the importance of having a great courier service in the Philippines comes in very handy. One of the most common complaints with logistics is late fulfillment, so get a third-party courier who can help you out with proper scheduling.


Customer experience will never be complete without proper customer support. It’s the one aspect of your business that proves your level of commitment to your customer, which then helps them decide whether they want to continue paying for your product or not.

Customer service, however, shouldn’t be limited to your traditional chat or email support. Something as simple and straightforward as a good record-keeping system or tracking tool can stand for good customer service. Consider yourself a customer, too, so check for other perks like door-to-door pickup which can come in handy for entrepreneurs like yourself.

3. You save yourself from worrying too much about your operations


Whether you’re managing a big or small business, getting trusted suppliers who can help fulfill specific tasks for you is a must. In particular, it is important that you secure a good courier service provider in the Philippines to help you with the movement of your goods. Other than looking for the usual factors like fulfillment time, insurance, and product handling assurance, another thing you have to look at is how friendly the provider is for you as an entrepreneur.

Remember, there are so many businesses that might be offering the same products that you have. In this strict game of eCommerce, a good delivery experience is what can give you an edge over your competitors.

4. You can get better sales when you have competitive shipping fees


According to numerous surveys, delivery and shipping fees are one of the top reasons why a shopper abandons their purchase. It helps to come up with a great shipping pricing strategy you can offer a buyer, but a better investment would be to opt for a reliable delivery service who can take care of the fulfillment for you while providing you competitive shipping rates.

Thankfully, these are all things that we here at MyKartero provide.


We are a logistics delivery provider designed for eCommerce businesses with an easy-to-use system and friendly rates. We’re partnered with different courier services around the world to make it easy for you to move your products globally, and we have a streamlined record-keeping system that makes it easy for you to check the status of your delivery requests. Place your first booking with us today.

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